Meeting in Ísafjörður in the Codlight project

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There has been some discussion recently about a project that Matís is working on, called Codlight, which aims, among other things, to delay the maturation of farmed cod by using special lights. Today and tomorrow there are meetings in Ísafjörður in the project.

A news item on BB's website in Ísafjörður states that Matís ohf, together with partners in the European project Codlight-tech, will hold a project meeting in Ísafjörður on 2 and 3 May. The project, which has been worked on in Álftafjörður as well as Norway and Scotland, is about using high-tech lighting equipment to prevent the sexual maturation of cod in farming. On the occasion of the meeting, Matís' partner in the project, Johnson Seafarms, will present their company and production.

Johnson Seafarms is one of the oldest farming companies in the British Isles and the largest single cod farming company in the world. Johnson's production is about 2000 tons of cod per year and the company's forecasts assume that in 2010 the production of farmed cod will be around 15 thousand tons. Johnson Seafarms is known in the British Isles for the "No Catch" brand - and in the lecture, Alan Bourhill, the company's research director and welfare representative, will discuss the origin of this brand and its importance in marketing.

Partners in the Codlight-tech project are in addition to Matís ohf who is in charge of the project: Hraðfrystihúsið Gunnvör, Álfsfell, Havsforsknings institutet in Bergen and Fjord Marin in Norway, Stirling University and Johnson Seafarms in Scotland, Landbúnaðarháskólinn in Uppsala in Sweden and Intravision Group in Sweden manufacturer of lighting equipment.

The lecture starts at 13 today, 2 May in the Development Center in Ísafjörður and is open to everyone. The lecture is in English.