Visitors from African, Central American and Asian countries familiarize themselves with the activities of the United Nations University of Fisheries

Today, high-ranking officials from many countries in Africa, Central America and Asia will sit in school at Matís and get to know Matís' activities and the United Nations Fisheries University (UNU-FTP), but Matís is an important link in the school's studies and sees its quality line.

The purpose of their visit is first and foremost to gain a deeper understanding of what the school has to offer to the people of those countries and continents. There are high-ranking officials on the move who are involved in who gets to study in Iceland, so it is important to know well how the school is doing.


In addition to visiting Matís, the guests will get to know the activities of the Marine Research Institute, the University of Akureyri and other partners of the university, but in collaboration with the university there are many domestic fisheries companies.

About the collaboration between UNU-FTP and Matís

Among the collaborative projects in which Matís participates is the Fisheries School of the United Nations University, and in addition to Matís, the school is run by the Marine Research Institute, the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri and the University of Hólar. Students 'projects at the school are all done with the needs of the students' home countries in mind. For example, projects have traditionally focused on the creation of quality index scales for mackerel, on the effect of sorbates and chitosan on the shelf life of mackerel, on teaching materials for the development of a HACCP system in the North Korean fishing industry and on the installation of traceability systems in China.

The collaboration between the United Nations University School of Fisheries and Matís has increased steadily in recent years. In addition to undergraduate studies, which all students at the school receive from Matís, the company conducts six-week special studies and each year some of the school's students work on final projects at Matís. In addition, a number of students regularly pursue doctoral and master's studies at the company on a regular basis, so it can be said with truth that Matís is part of the school.

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