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The December issue of the magazine Ægir contains an article about research carried out at IFL on a comparison of the shelf life of farmed cod on the one hand and wild cod on the other. As previously stated, the results have attracted a great deal of attention.

The authors of the article in question in Ægi are two experts at IFL, Soffía Vala Tryggvadóttir and Héléne Liette Lauzon. This study is part of a large research project that began in 2003 and is called Future cod.

Two reports have been published in the project, the first, Future cod: Quality assessment of farmed cod (No. 10-04) was published in October 2004 and the latter, Future cod: shelf life, texture, muscle building and processing of farmed cod (no. 26-05) and the one on which the article in Ægir is based, was published in November 2005. The reports can be viewed by clicking here.

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