A traditional day at Matís

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At Matís, there are usually quite a number of employees / students who have a home other than in Iceland. Some work for Matís all year round, while others work for the company for a shorter or longer period of time.

Matís invests heavily in collaboration with foreign parties, both to market Iceland's knowledge in fisheries and agriculture, but also to seek knowledge and capital from abroad to strengthen Icelandic companies. Further information on Matís' international collaboration can be found here.

These days, there are especially many foreign students / employees at Vínlandsleið 12. Matís teaches at the United Nations Fisheries Academy, so there is a lot about the man for lunch. Students and staff come from 16 countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam and Ghana, to name a few.

The picture shows employees eating lunch at the company's headquarters at Vínlandsleið.

Further information on the United Nations Fisheries Academy can be found here.