The Hilton hotel chain chooses Icelandic lobster

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This summer, the Hilton hotel chain bought live lobster, which has been stored at a lobster hotel in Höfn, of which Matís (Matvælarannsóknir Íslands) is a member. Lobsters from Hornafjörður have been well received in foreign markets since experiments with exports began this spring.


In fact, this is a special research and marketing project in Höfn, where in fact there are fishing methods, processing and transport of live lobsters abroad. In addition to Matís, the Entrepreneurship Center of East Iceland, Skinney Þinganes, the Marine Research Institute and Promens in Dalvík are involved in the project; work together to run the lobster hotel in Hornafjörður. Up to one ton of live lobster can be stored at the lobster hotel.