What will be for dinner? – Matís' seminar on the future of food production

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Next Friday, on May 31, Matís' seminar on the future of food production will take place. The seminar is entitled "What's for dinner?" and runs from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm in Harpa's Norðurløsasal.

There, the latest in the field of food research will be in focus, along with challenges and opportunities in food production in the future. Among the speakers will be Bente Torstensen, director of NOFIMA (food research in Norway), Dirk Carrez, director of the Biobased Industries Consortium and Ólavur Gregersen from Ocean Rainforest, the latter being a Faroese pioneer in the use of algae in food, feed and packaging. He has set up a massive algae factory and is a world leader in research and development on the utilization of seaweed. This activity has attracted a lot of attention around the world, as this industry could play a key role in replacing traditional plastic packaging with biodegradable plastic and also in contributing to increased food safety worldwide.

Matís' experts will also present their research, for example in relation to side products in vegetable farming, the development of Icelanders' fish consumption, fresh protein, food systems in cities to name a few. Then representatives from, among others, SFS, the farmers' association and the University of Iceland will sit on a panel and answer questions about the impact of food research on the food industry and society.

Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir, Minister of Food, will open the forum and the moderator will be Bergur Ebbi. Below is the agenda of the seminar and the registration link. Those who register here will also be sent a link to the stream, but the forum will also be streamed on

The forum's Facebook page

Recordings, speakers' slides and photos from the seminar are available here:

What will be for dinner? Matís' seminar on the future of food production