Matís 2024 conference

May 31, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m | Harpa's Northern Lights Hall

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dirk Carrez, Biobased Industries Consortium, Executive Director
  • Olavur Gregersen, Ocean Rainforest, CEO

Board of Directors: Bergur Ebbi


9:00Presentation of the moderator – Bergur Ebbi
9:05Opening speech by the Minister of Food - Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir
9:15Address of CEO Matís – Oddur M. Gunnarsson
9:22New protein and food security for the future – Margrét Geirsdóttir, project manager at Matís
9:29Genetic tests – What importance do they have for value creation and food safety?? Sæmundur Sveinsson, professional manager at Matís
9:36Collaboration in the kitchen - Þorsteinn Sigurðsson, director of the Norwegian Maritime Research Institute
9:43BioProtect – Accelerating the protection and restoration of marine biodiversity – Sophie Jensen, project manager at Matís
9:50Quick and environmentally friendly measuring methods – María Guðjónsdóttir, professor at the Faculty of Food and Nutrition at the University of Helsinki
9:57Pelagic fish wanted! – Hildur Inga Sveinsdóttir, assistant professor at UI and project manager at Matís
10:04Vegetable by-products – Eva Margrét Jónudóttir, project manager at Matís
10:11Panel discussion: Value creation and full utilization of products – What can agriculture learn from the fishing industry?
- Hrefna Karlsdóttir, SFS
-Herdís Magna Gunnarsdóttir, Farmers Association of Iceland
-Daði Már Kristófersson, Department of Economics, UI
10:30Coffee break | Presentation of small producers
10:45Towards a Sustainable City-Region Food System – René Groben, project manager at Matís
10:52Is there fish for dinner? Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, project manager at Matís
10:59ÍSGEM for the public health of a nation  – Hólmfríður Þorgeirsdóttir, project manager of nutrition at the National Health Service
11:06Cooperation between UI and Matís Inga Þórsdóttir, professor at the Faculty of Food and Nutrition at the University of Helsinki
11:13There's salmon for dinner! Sylvía Rakel Guðjónsdóttir, sustainability at First Water
11:20Do we want organic meat? Berglind Rán Ólafsdóttir, director of ORF Biotechnology
11:27Scaling-up Macroalgae as an Alternative Resource - Olavur Gregersen – Ocean Rainforest
11:41The Importance of Partnerships for a Sustainable Industry – Dirk Carrez – Biobased Industries Consortium
11:55Panel discussionr: Challenges and opportunities in food production - What is the role of research?
-Inga Þórsdóttir, professor at the Faculty of Food and Nutrition Sciences, UI
-Björn Lárus Örvar, scientific director of ORF Biotechnology
-Jónas R. Viðarsson, focus area manager at Matís