Icelandic meat industry at a crossroads

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Icelandic meat production and the meat industry are at a crossroads. Import protection will be reduced and there will be even greater demands for rationalization and lower prices, according to a presentation by Guðjón Þorkelsson, division manager at Matís at the Agricultural Research Council.

Guðjón says in his talk, which deals with the development of food from Icelandic agriculture with an emphasis on meat, that Icelandic production and Icelandic industry will not be able to compete with imports unless they can demonstrate their uniqueness in terms of proximity to the market, production methods, safety, quality, nutritional value. , products and product range.

Icelandic sheep

Guðjón then says: "It is important to convey to both general consumers and the international scientific community the vast amount of information that has already been collected about the uniqueness of products from Icelandic agriculture. It is also necessary to conduct more research, collect more information and present it. All of this then has to be connected to education at secondary school and university level, and especially to students' research studies."

You can access Guðjón's presentation in its entirety here.