Head of Product Development and Consumer Research

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Dr. Þorbjörg Jensdóttir has been appointed head of the product development and consumer research department at Matvælarannsóknir Íslands (Matís ohf.). At Matís, Þorbjörg will oversee innovation and food research based on consumer needs, among other things.

Þorbjörg completed a double doctorate at the University of Copenhagen in 2006; on the one hand in health sciences at the university's dental department and on the other hand the so-called industrial degree (Industrial Ph.D.). She completed a master's degree in nutrition at the University of Iceland in 2002 and discussed her dissertation on beverages and tooth enamel removal.


The confectionery company Toms Group A / S, which produces Anton Berg, Gajol, Pingvin and Spunk, among others, supported Þorbjörg's doctoral studies in Denmark. There, she developed a new methodology for research on tooth enamel erosion caused by acidic beverages and solid foods, such as sweets. Toms Group has applied for a patent on Þorbjörg's methodology.

Matís began operations at the end of last year, combining the activities of the Fisheries Research Institute, Matvælarannsókna Keldnaholt (MATRA), the Environment Agency's Laboratory, the biotechnology company Prokaria and Iceprotein.