Matvælið - Matís' launch

Matvælið - Matís' new broadcast on research and innovation in food production

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Ísey Dísa Hávarsdóttir

Specialist in communication

Innovation with added value, food security, public health and sustainability in the forefront is Matís' main subject, and a diverse perspective on these aspects will be the topic of discussion in new radio programs entitled Matvælið - Hlaðvarp Matís on research and innovation in food production.

Matís works on a variety of projects in the food industry, with an emphasis on these aspects. The projects are carried out in collaboration with domestic food producers and entrepreneurs, universities and all those who are involved in the food industry in some way. In order for people and companies to be able to use Matís' services and operations to their advantage, it is necessary to disseminate information about the company's operations in various ways so that they reach both the eyes and ears of the country.

Matís' website and social media are already used for this purpose, but broadcasting is the newest medium that has been used so that people can get to know the topics that Matís deals with at any given time in a simple and convenient way.

The programs will discuss with project managers and staff about their projects or related issues, but also with various partners, such as from the world of entrepreneurship, the food industry, the business community and from the country's universities. The policy is to shed light on the profession and the people rather than on the company as such.

The first episode of the broadcast discusses, for example, Birgi Örn Smárason, project manager at Matís and Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson, who has a background from the Academy of the Arts, product development, food production and various entrepreneurial activities. They have different approaches to the subject of the show, which is the protein donations of the future and sustainable food production, and therefore discussions are created about various angles on the subject.

Two episodes have already been entered Matís website, The barn, Bændablaðið's broadcasting platform and on all major broadcasters, such as Spotify and other custom scripts.

The episodes will be released once a month, but at the beginning there will be a short introductory episode entitled; What is Matís? and Hákon Stefánsson, Matís' chairman of the board, is there for answers. Matís' mediation team is in charge of the production of the episodes and Ísey Dísa Hávarsdóttir is in charge of the episode management.