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Matís has received a grant from the Herring Fisheries Research Fund to compile practical information on the processing of fresh catfish from fishing in products and publish it in electronic form. The project is called "Comics from fishing to product". 

The educational material is based on graphic and voiced material where individual aspects of the processing of fresh fish and different products will be systematically reviewed. The results of research projects in recent years will be utilized and this knowledge will be disseminated. The production of educational material on the processing of frozen catfish would at a later stage be a natural continuation if the production of educational material on fresh fish is successful.

Good access to information strengthens innovation and the search for new opportunities in the production of seafood, but research and knowledge acquisition are the basis for increased value. This electronic educational material will of course be useful to those who work in the industry and will be a good contribution to education about the processing of Icelandic seafood.

For further information Margeir Gissurarson at Matís.