Students from HR: Pipes made of renewable bioplastic from kelp

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A group of students in the Introduction to Engineering course from Reykjavík University visited Matís recently. The students received an award for their project on the production of renewable bioplastic from seaweed for drinking straws.

In their project, the students worked to replace plastic pipes, as innovations that have appeared on the market, such as steel pipes and cardboard pipes, are unsuitable for users. The students therefore decided to produce tubes made of bioplastic from kelp. The group visited Matís recently and spoke with project manager Sophie Jensen to gain more knowledge on the subject.

We recommend watching the students' video below.

Students in the group are:

  • Emil Örn Aðalsteinsson
  • Hafdís Sól Björnsdóttir
  • Halldór Jökull Ólafsson
  • Hrannar Briem weekend
  • Katla Yr Gautadóttir

We thank the students very much for the visit and wish them good luck.