Minister unveils new type of fish tank in Brussels

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The company Sæplast ehf in Dalvík has developed a new revolutionary fish tank in collaboration with IFL, FISK Seafood hf and the University of Iceland. The fishery was formally unveiled by the Minister of Fisheries, Einar K. Guðfinnsson, at the fisheries exhibition in Brussels today. This is stated on AVS website of the fund, but he funded precisely this project.

This project started in 2004 and its goal was to find ways to reduce the load on fish in the lower layers of fish tanks and thereby reduce shrinkage and bruising in fish. The first ideas were to try to create and develop some kind of shelving system in the pots, but prospective users soon rejected the idea so they tried to approach the project in another way.

The result was to start from scratch and design a completely new tank that fulfilled the goal of improving the quality of raw materials and at the same time improving the utilization of volume on board ships, storage and transport equipment. Now a new tank has seen the light of day and it is somewhat lower than most fish tanks today, the tank is also lighter, and when stacked, the upper tank closes the lower one without shit from the forklift reaching the lower tank. In addition, the new vessel's capacity utilization of ships and transport equipment is significantly better. 

One advantage is that the new tank is stacked with older tanks so that there is no such system change. It will be exciting to watch and see how this new vessel will be taken and how it turns out, perhaps here is a new and better tool to improve the utilization and quality of raw materials.

IFN's project manager was Sveinn V. Árnason