Report on analysis of the amount of organic fertilizers in Iceland and opportunities for increased utilization

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The research and innovation project Sustainable Fertilizer Production - a Comprehensive Approach to the Cycle Economy was funded by the Rannís Marketing Plan at the beginning of 2021, where the working group explores ways to utilize local organic resources, by-products from various production and processes for producing sustainable agriculture and sustainable agriculture.

This report is one part of the project where an assessment was made of the organic waste generated in Iceland, both in terms of quantity and nutritional composition.

The objectives of this report were as follows:

  • To identify and calculate the amount of organic waste that is generated in Iceland and could be used in the production of fertilizers. calculate the amount of organic waste generated in Iceland that could be used in the production of fertilizers.
  • To calculate the amount of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) in organic waste according to measurements carried out in the project together with domestic and foreign sources where information was missing.
  • To make proposals and analyze where the main opportunities lie in the increased use of organic waste for fertilizer production in Iceland.

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The report is published by Matís and the partners in the project are Landgræðslan, Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands, Atmonia, landsvirkjun and Hafrannsóknastofnun.

More information about the project can be found on its project page here: Sustainable fertilizer production - a holistic approach to the circular economy