Development of a molecular genetic method for parental analysis in Icelandic sheep

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Sæmundur Sveinsson

Research Group Leader

In its latest issue, Bændablaðið published an article about a newly published report by Sæmundur Sveinsson, director of genetic research at Matís, which dealt with parental analyzes in Icelandic sheep.

The report, entitled "Development of a Molecular Genetic Method for Parental Analysis in Icelandic Sheep", was published as a final product of a project of the same name, which was carried out in collaboration with Eyþór Einarsson, a sheep breeding consultant at the Agricultural Advisory Center and funded by the Agricultural Productivity Fund. The aim of the project was to test internationally recognized genetic markers in order to develop tools for parental analysis in Icelandic sheep. It is important for sheep breeding to have the opportunity to be able to confirm the pedigree of animals, both in terms of trusting pedigree data for the breeding work but also for research on genetic defects.

In an interview with Bændablaðið, Sæmundur says that there are hopes that with this diagnostic tool it will be possible to systematically reduce serious genetic defects in sheep, such as those that cause book crises - which is a disease that causes malformations in the development of limbs in lambs.

Bændablaðið's coverage of the project can be read in its entirety here: Parental diagnoses in sheep are most useful in the fight against hereditary sheep diseases.

The report referred to is available on Matís' website here: Development of a molecular genetic method for parental analysis in Icelandic sheep.