Workshop on the exploitation of food and mesopelagic species

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Stefán Þór Eysteinsson

Research Group Leader

The workshop will be held in the celebration hall of the University of Iceland 1-2. October

The Faculty of Food and Nutrition at the University of Iceland, in collaboration with Matís and the Marine Research Institute, is holding a workshop on the utilization of food and mesopelagic species in the Celebration Hall of the University of Iceland from 1-2. October. The workshop is intended to review the state of knowledge on redfish, halibut and Mediterranean fish for future use.

The main emphasis will be on the challenges that come with the possible utilization of redfish, halibut and Mediterranean fish and how to meet those challenges.

Representatives from the scientific community and industry will attend together with representatives of research funds and it will be presented how the funds can be involved in solving these challenges in collaboration with them.