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Consumer preference and description of salmon in four Northern Atlantic countries and association with sensory characteristics

Authors: Green-Petersen, D., Hyldig, G., Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, Schelvis, R., Emilía Martinsdóttir

Version: Journal of Aquatic Food Products

Publication year: 2009


The focus in this article is on the relationship between consumer preference and objective description of the product profile of salmon. A consumer study of eight salmon products was carried out in Iceland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Ireland. In addition, objective sensory profiling using a trained sensory panel was performed on the products, which varied according to storage method, storage time, origin, and species. For five out of eight samples, no significant differences in overall liking between the countries were found in the consumer study. However, the consumers gave the samples significantly different descriptions. There was a strong correspondence between the consumer descriptions and the sensory profile.

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