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Effectiveness and performance of HACCP-based programs

Authors: RJ Cormier, M. Mallet, S. Chiasson, H. Magnússon and G. Valdimarsson

Version: Food Control

Publication year: 2007


Since the early 1990's, HACCP-based programs have been implemented as a means of preventing food hazards in fish and seafood products. From an engineering perspective, a system designed to control a manufacturing process is expected to result in final product that consistently meets requirements. Although audits are used to verify program implementation, there is a need for some product monitoring to measure the effectiveness and performance of the control systems. This paper discusses the need to monitor final product in seafood HACCP-based programs to measure effectiveness from a systems approach. Information time series of audits and inspections conducted are shown to be more indicative of program performance than snapshot inspections of the final product.

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