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Effects of Dry Ice and Superchilling on Quality and Shelf Life of Arctic Charr (Salvelinus alpinus) Fillets

Authors: Huynh Nguyen Duy Bao, Sigurjón Arason, Kristín Anna Þórarinsdóttir

Version: International Journal of Food Engineering

Publication year: 2007


The influence of different cooling techniques (dry ice / ice packs) and storage temperature (-2 ° C / 3 ° C) to prolong the shelf life of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) fillets were evaluated by sensory analysis, physical methods, chemical and microbial analysis. The effects of storage temperature were stronger than of different cooling agents. Superchilling (-2 ° C) of fillets packed with dry ice resulted in 6 days extension of shelf life compared to chilling (3 ° C). The use of dry ice parallel to superchilling extended shelf life for 1 day compared to fillets stored with ice packs. No negative effects on the quality of the fillets where detected that could be linked to cell destruction caused by partial freezing or to sour taste, caused by absorption of CO2 gas in fish flesh.

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