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How is innovative teaching related to the fight against climate change?

Authors: Katrín Hulda Gunnarsdóttir, Justine Vanhalst, Viktoría Gilsdóttir, Sigurlaug K. Konráðsdóttir, Gestur Sigurjónsson and Hildur Ágústsdóttir

Version: School threads

Publication year: 2022


News about climate change hits us every day, so it's clear that it's time to take action. But what is the best way to teach children and young people about such difficult issues so that they are encouraged to take action? It will be them and their descendants who will be affected by climate change, and it is therefore important that they receive education and increased knowledge of what may lie ahead. The need for quality education on the issue, which also does not promote climate anxiety, is becoming more and more inevitable. The answer may lie in innovation. These students will take over the board one day, so it is important that students receive quality education about innovation and entrepreneurship from a young age. Objectives Green Entrepreneurs of the Future (GFF) was tackling this challenge by giving students in rural areas the opportunity for innovative education and getting them interested in climate and environmental issues. Matís is responsible for the project and it took place in three elementary schools in the countryside. A number of participants came to the project, including FabLab workshops and fishing companies in the local area, N4 TV station and others. The project was financed by the Climate Fund and was originally planned for one year.

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