Handbook on healthy lamb

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Ólafur Reykdal

Project Manager

Ideas about healthy lamb have been circulating for some time. The meat has suffered from a negative image that has clung to lamb fat for decades. Knowledge in nutrition has advanced in recent years and new materials and new aspects of these issues have emerged. Lamb meat has many good benefits from the point of view of human nutrition, but the public's attention has not been focused on these factors as it should be.

This report seeks to summarize clear information on the health aspects of lamb for the general public and those who provide information on the product. It is clear that much will be revealed about the health aspects of lamb in the coming years and it will be exciting to follow the development. This should be an opportunity for sheep producers.
The report is part of a project on hygiene in lamb. Grants from the Agricultural Productivity Fund made the work possible.

The manual can be accessed here.