Alget 2: ALGae EnTrepreneurs: Quality Algae from Sea to Consumer

Project title: Alget 2

Partners: Norges Vel, Tari-Faroe Seaweed, Hyndla, Taramar, UNA Skincare, Íslensk bláskel, Ocean Rainforest, Gunnvør á Norðri, Alginor, Tekslo Seafood, Naustet Umare, Lofoten Seaweed Company.

Research Fund: NORA

Initial year: 2019

Service Category:



Þóra Valsdóttir

Project Manager

Objective of the project is to achieve a strengthened network for the macroalgae SMEs in the North Atlantic region. Focus is on improved quality assurance from sea to consumer. This covers both wild harvested and cultivated seaweed which is used for food and cosmetics/skin care products, or as ingredients in the pertaining industries.

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