Fish of the future: New technologically revolutionary seafood

Project title: Future Fish

Partners: UI, Kokkalandsliðið, Þorbjörn, MPF Ísfiskur, Natural Machines

Research Fund: Tækniþróunarsjóður, AVS

Initial year: 2017


Þóra Valsdóttir

Project Manager

The aim of the project was to develop new seafood products from low-cost raw materials for use in 3D food printers.

The following products came out of the project, among others: development of recipes and processes for 3D printing of different seafood; ready-made basic recipes for 3D print cartridges with seafood; exhibition recipes to introduce 3D printing with seafood to future users, courses / educational material to educate people about the use of 3D printing with seafood in general and the utilization of unused seafood.

The results of this work can be used in further research such as how new technologies can be adapted to complex raw materials such as by-products from seafood. The results can also be used in restaurant operations where you can create attractive and nutritious custom-made 3D printed portions and dishes from low-cost seafood. The methods developed in the project can then be transferred to other complex and / or innovative raw materials (eg algae, unicellular proteins, insects, etc.) to prepare consumer-friendly products in a form that appeals to consumers.