Diversity of thermophilic viruses in Icelandic hot springs. Genome-wide and genome-wide studies

Project title: THERMOPHAGE

Partners: University of Iceland, MaxPlanck, Göttingen, Germany, University of Bielefeld Germany, University of Lund, Sweden

Research Fund: Rannís Icelandic Research Fund

Initial year: 2023

Service Category:



Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson

Strategic Scientist


The THERMOPHAGE project will target the outer reaches of the virosphere, i.e. the virus sequence space of the geothermal biotope with its unique microbial ecosystem. The consortium has amassed large (meta)genome and genome sequence libraries in prior projects 

THERMOPHAGE will specifically develop and use innovative bioinformatics to improve assembly and annotation of phage genomes from these libraries and use pangenomic approaches to define and compare their genomic organizations and their structural and functional manifestations. THERMOPHAGE is expected advance our understanding of important aspects of ecology in terms of viral diversity, viral classification and taxonomy, modes of propagation, replication and transcription, virus host - interplay and host range.

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