The Green Entrepreneurs of the Future

Project title: The green entrepreneurs of the future

Partners: N4, Djúpið Frumkvöðlasetur, Cambridge University, Árskóli, Nesskóli, Grunnskóli Bolungarvíkur, Fab Lab Sauðárkrókur, Fab Lab Ísafjörður, Fab Lab Austurland

Research Fund: Climate Fund

Initial year: 2021

Education for the oldest grades of primary school on climate and environmental issues, the effects of climate change on the sea and its ecosystem, fishing industry and communities.

The aim of the educational project Green Entrepreneurs of the Future (GFF) is first and foremost to arouse interest and strengthen the knowledge of Icelandic primary school students on climate and environmental issues, innovation and sustainable resource utilization in order to encourage them in the fight against climate change and in green innovation. This will be done by providing interesting and innovative education and encourage them in conceptual work and innovation in collaboration with their peers around the country and companies in the local area, where special emphasis will be placed on the sea and the impact of climate change on its ecosystem and resources. One of the main outputs of the project will be the GFF study material, which will be accessible to everyone after the project, through the project's website. It contains about 40 games, projects and experiments aimed at educating students about climate change and its effects on the ocean, marine resource utilization, fishing industry and communities.

Three primary schools in rural areas, in municipalities that rely heavily on the fishing industry, were selected to participate in the project: Árskóli in Sauðárkróki, Nesskóli in Neskaupstað and Grunnskóli Bolungarvíkur. Teachers will test drive GFF's study materials and after the training, students will visit fisheries companies in their home areas and get an insight into the activities, as well as the environmental and climate challenges that the companies face. Elementary School MAKEeathon will then take place under the umbrella of the Young Climathon (Climate KIC), adapted for Icelandic elementary school students in collaboration with Cambridge University. There, each school will work on a solution to a defined environmental and / or climate-related challenge in collaboration with Fab Lab workshops in the local area and prepare a prototype and introductory video.

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