D reinforced Drop – From the highest heights to the deepest depths

Project title: D Concentrated Drop - From the highest heights to the deepest depths.

Partners: True Westfjords

Research Fund: Lóa Innovation Fund

Initial year: 2021

Service Category:



Sophie Jensen

Project Manager


Developing a new product, D3 fortified Dropa fish oil that will meet the daily requirement for vitamin D3, but the latest research shows its importance against infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases.

As a source of D3, we intend to use complexes such as reindeer moss and mountain grass. We will develop extracts with the latest technology, design a production process for vegan-certified vitamin D3 and test products in the form of "Vitamin-D fortified Cod liver oil Capsules" on the UK market. 

All ingredients are from Westfjords. Vitamin D3 seems to strengthen non-specific parts of the immune system, among people living in northern areas. Approximately 1000 to 2000 international units should be safe for consumption, but people should not take higher doses due to the risk of suppression in T-cell activity, according to New Scientist, March 2020. If everyone in the UK took vitamin D as a dietary supplement, the number of cases of respiratory infections, such as colds and flu, could fall by more than three million each year, according to research data collected from 11,000 people. The study was published in BMJ in 2017. Fish products are the main source of D3 and cod liver oil is at the forefront, but the concentration of vitamin A limits uptake. Fish oil can be fortified with D3, but it is made from wool grease, which a large group of buyers considers undesirable. There is not much D3 in the plant kingdom, but it is mainly found in lichens. It seems that the only source for VEGAN D3 is lichen reindeer moss and only one basic producer is active in the world. The production method is also hidden.

We intend to study the amount of vitamin D in Icelandic braids and the possibility of adding it to Dropa fish oil.