Meat production cycle economy

Project title: Meat production cycle economy

Partners: Kjarnafæði / Norðlenska

Research Fund: Icelandic Food Innovation Fund (is. Matvælasjóður)

Initial year: 2022

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Sæmundur Elíasson

Project Manager

The project is about the utilization of by-products from meat production and is a collaboration between Matís and Kjarnafæði / Norðlenska. By-products from slaughterhouses and meat processing are underutilized raw materials in Iceland and therefore are there great opportunities in increased utilization and value creation.

The aim of the project is to improve the production and handling of raw materials by identifying opportunities in the utilization of by-products from slaughter. Based on the results of an analysis that has already taken place on by-products at Kjarnafæði / Norðlenska, it is proposed to study two main options in the project; on the one hand, to investigate the possibility of utilization and processing of animal blood and on the other hand, the utilization of general slaughter waste as a raw material for pet food production. A life cycle analysis will also be performed on current processes and on the new processes that will be analyzed.The novelty of the project is the use of known solutions to improve domestic utilization and production and develop products that are new in Iceland.

The output of the project is among other things the mapping of quantities and properties of by-products, disposal methods and costs, environmental impact analysis, analysis of processing possibilities and experimental production of new products from blood and other by-products. Based on the results, it will be possible to make decisions about blood processing processes, the next steps in the utilization of by-products from slaughterhouses in Iceland and assess whether and what ways are promising to continue with this development.