Biochar from fish sludge

Project title: Biochar from fish sludge

Partners: Landeldi

Research Fund: Hringrásarsjóður

Initial year: 2022

Service Category:

fish farming


Anna Berg Samúelsdóttir

Project Manager

The aim of the project "Biochar from fish sludge" is to promote the circular economy by studying the possibility of producing biochar from fish sludge.

The intention is also to examine the retrieval of nutrients in the fish sludge during the collection with different filters. After production of biochar from fish sludge the goal is to mix the biochar with other secondary raw materials like household waste or livestock manure and evaluate the quality of such mixture as fertilizer. In this study there will also be explored to produce biochar from other secondary raw materials e.g., death fish and feed permits.

Matís ohf. and Landeldi ehf. work together in this project which is founded by Hringrásarsjóður. The project will benefit the aquaculture sector and lead to increased opportunities in fertilizer production for agriculture.