Food Science Web

Project title: Food Science Web

Partners: Matis, Iceland, University of Iceland, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Food and Nutrition, Iceland University of Warsaw, Poland

Research Fund: EIT Food

Initial year: 2023


Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

Today, there is an abundance of information and claims about food and nutrition from various sources that often contradict each other, making it difficult for the average consumer to find and choose reliable information to base their decisions on. There is a lack of visibility of official guidelines/information about food and the relationship with tame health and sustainability. 

The goal of this preliminary project on Matarvísindavef is to explore ways to better enable individuals/consumers to make more informed decisions (healthier/sustainable) regarding their food choices and to increase transparency and participation in the food value chain. The idea is to develop a food science related website that takes into account the needs and media environment that consumers use most today, not least young consumers. The project will (1) strive to find the most effective ways to prepare material and make the Food Science Web available and in use (2) evaluate the interest and participation of stakeholders in Iceland, such as different departments within universities, authorities in the field of public health and education, those who come aimed at teaching and learning, the food industry, students and other young consumers, (3) pre-testing of selected content within the Food Science Web, (4) evaluating the impact of the Food Science Web in terms of interest, trust and utilization and thereby assessing possible social impact.

The Food Science Web could also be a tool to train and improve the communication or communication skills of scientists who have an education related to the food value chain (food science, nutrition, innovation, sustainability, etc.).

Matís is in charge of the project.
Contacts: Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir and Þóra Valsdóttir.