Nordic food event for young people

Project title: Youth madmøde

Partners: Madens Folkemøde, Matvalget (Debio-info AS), Geitmyra, Food Organization Of Denmark

Research Fund: The Nordic Council of Ministers (Ny nordisk mad)

Initial year: 2023

Service Category:

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Þóra Valsdóttir

Project Manager

The main goal of the project is to establish a Nordic food meeting for young people. Purpose Youth madmøde is that children, young people (16-18 years old) and professionals in the food field share their knowledge and experience about food in schools and institutions to support the development of a sustainable food culture for the next generation of consumers. The event is part of a larger food event Madens folkemøde.

The event is divided into three parts: a cooking school, a food camp and a seminar on food in schools. The cooking school is for Danish school groups and young people from the Nordic countries. The cooking school will include workshops, taste training, healthy meal inspiration and snacks. In the food camp, children will spend the night in tents and cook over an open fire. The forum on school assessment in the Nordic countries, Creating a sustainable food culture for the next generations, is intended for experts, teachers, scientists, politicians and organizations working to introduce healthy, sustainable and local foods to children in the Nordic countries. The goal of the forum is to share knowledge, inspire and increase understanding of what is being done in this field across the Nordic countries.

Each country faces different challenges and approaches when it comes to providing meals to children and youth. In all the Nordic countries, however, there are common challenges related to diet and social inequality, health and overweight and the development of a sustainable food culture. The goal of the symposium is also to promote political awareness and to present programs related to work with children's and youth's food culture. The forum on Nordic and sustainable food culture can therefore play an important role in promoting discussions about school food in all the Nordic countries and encouraging the next generation to develop a sustainable food culture.