Research and utilization of genomes of unknown viruses infecting peripheral organisms

Project title: Virus-X

Partners: University of Lund; University of Stuttgart Germany; University of Bielefeld Germany; University of Bergen; University of Durham UK; University of Gdansk, Poland; Blaise-Pascal University, France; Procazyme; Bio-Prodict BV Netherlands; SARomics Sweden; A&A Biotechnology Poland; ArticZymes Norway; Pasteur Institute France; Max-Plank Institute Germany.

Research Fund: H2020

Initial year: 2016

Service Category:



Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson

Strategic Scientist

The aim of the Virus-X project was to study the genome of viruses that infect bacteria, but they contain a large number of genes with unknown roles.

Samples were taken from hot springs, viruses were classified from cells and their genetic material was sequenced and defined. Attempts were made to determine their role by means of bioinformatics and crystallography methods, as well as by rapid functional screening tests.

Viral enzymes were produced by genetic engineering and the possibilities of utilization in molecular biology were explored.

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