Matís Staff

Jónas Baldursson

Project Manager

Group: Value chain

Phone: +354 6973757 /


Focus Areas:

Fish, By-products, Fat, Sustainability, Utilization, Utilization of organic waste, Circular economy, Fertilizers

  • Analysis of the amount of organic fertilizers in Iceland and opportunities for increased utilization

  • Supply Chain Network analysis and recommendations for improved logistics within the SUPREME project

  • Challenges in packing vegetables 

  • Supply chain process mapping for the SUPREME project

  • Silver Carp: Identification of utilization alternatives

  • News and interviews:

    (2021) Use "fish farming manure", human waste, compost, sulfur and more as fertilizers. The farmer's newspaper, June 24, page 32. Link: Use "fish farm manure", human waste, compost, sulfur and more as fertilizer - Bændabladíð (

    (2021) The same amount of nutrients as in imported synthetic fertilizers. The farmer's newspaper, November 18, p. 12. Link: The same total amount of nutrients in organic raw materials as in imported synthetic fertilizers - Bændabladíð (

    (2022) Hidden treasures lurk in waste. The morning newspaper on April 2. Link: Hidden treasures are hidden in waste (

    (2022) The Society Channel 2. April 6.

    (2022) A lot of nutrients still untapped. The farmer's newspaper, April 28, page 32. Link: A lot of nutrients still unused - Bændabladíð (

    (2022) Shit mix! Sustainable fertilizer production - Matís ( Matvælið - Matís podcast November 24. 

    (2023) Sustainable fertilizer production within reach. The farmer's newspaper 22 June, page 1. Link: Sustainable fertilizer production within reach - Bændabladíð (