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Shit mix! Sustainable fertilizer production

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Jónas Baldursson, project manager at Matís, and Eva Margrét Jónudóttir, expert at Matís, discuss the project Sustainable fertilizer production, a comprehensive approach to the circular economy.

The discussion is about fertilizer nutrients, preliminary results of experiments and whether the project should really have been called Skítamix. The sustainability of processes is reviewed by using by-products from various industries, including compost, meat meal, cow dung, aquaculture sludge, chicken droppings and human waste.

We get to hear what was surprising and the importance of making fertilizer production sustainable.

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Moderator: Hildur Ýr Thráinsdóttir

The partners of the project are: Atmonia, Agricultural University of Iceland, Norwegian Maritime Research Institute, Landsgrædslan and Landsvirkjun.

The project is funded by: Ranni's target plan