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"These are actually paternity tests" Genetic analysis of farmed salmon in Iceland

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Sæmundur Sveinsson is genetics manager at Matís and in this episode of Matvælin he talks about salmon genetic analysis and projects related to it.

The Atlantic salmon is a remarkable organism and its life cycle has very interesting implications for the genetics of the species. The wild Icelandic salmon population is very different from farmed salmon, and it is extremely important to know the characteristics of these species well in order to be able to maintain diversity even though environmental conditions change, including global warming.

In the episode, Sæmundur discusses the life cycle of Icelandic salmon and its genetic diversity depending on the water area, genetic analysis of salmon from sea hog farming and genetic analysis of salmon for so-called fish farming, to name a few. Sæmundi's song deals with these issues in an easy-to-understand and fun way, so it's safe to recommend listening to everyone!

The episode is available in its entirety on all major podcasts and in the player below: