Human resources policy


Marta Gall Jörgensen

Human Resource Manager

Human resources policy

Matís' policy is to have qualified staff in terms of education, work experience, initiative and willingness to cooperate. Job satisfaction shall be enhanced in a systematic manner and ensure that everyone has an acceptable working environment and that equipment is available in accordance with the needs of staff and projects.

It is Matís' policy to pay competitive salaries. In determining wages, accountability and success must be taken into account, and the principles of non-discrimination must always be observed. It is important to ensure that non-discrimination is observed in all salary decisions and that equal pay is paid for comparable jobs within the company.

Matís emphasizes active and positive communication, with a mutual flow of information between management and staff in order to create trust both between staff and between management and staff.

It is important that employees are faithful to their work and do it diligently, promote a good work ethic and that Matís' image is positive.

Employees are bound by a duty of confidentiality and there is confidentiality about everything that employees see and hear in the workplace, and confidentiality must be kept secret.