Report Nordic Food in Future Tourism February 2022




Brynja Laxdal Matarauður Íslands, Þóra Valsdóttir Matís, Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir Íslenski ferðaklasinn

Supported by:

Nordic Council of Ministers

Under the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019 the priority was set on youth, sustainable tourism, and the marine environment. This 3-year project is a contribution to sustainable tourism. The project aims to understand the perception of Nordic food, highlight the importance of local food in sustainable tourism, and gain insight into how climate change and trends can shape our future of food in tourism. The objective is to raise awareness of future challenges and opportunities related to food in tourism and provide strategic guidelines that support future actions and policymaking. Our vision is that visiting the Nordics should be about experiencing a place where people and the planet prosper in sustainable harmony and economic growth. Where eating and traveling in harmony with nature and local culture is a desirable lifestyle. Our contribution is not about the competitive advantage but about our drive for a sustainable future.

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