Bioactive surimi developed from by-products




Hörður G. Kristinsson

Supported by:

Rannís Technology Development Fund - RAN090915‐1790

Bioactive surimi developed from by-products

The aim of the project was to develop and set up a new processing process to produce high-quality bioactive surimi products from underutilized and cheap raw materials. There is a great shortage of high quality surimi in the world and also a very growing demand for products with bioactivity and health benefits. Therefore, there is a great opportunity now for Iceland to gain a foothold in this market. In the project, the process was maximized and the properties of the product were measured and confirmed by customers. New methods and mixtures were developed to produce a new product, a bioactivator, with a focus on products that can contribute to improved consumer health. It is now possible to start surimi production, which can lead to more jobs, increased diversity in the production of seafood in Iceland and an increase in foreign exchange earnings.

The overall objective of this project was to develop and commercialize a highly novel protein recovery process to produce high value and high quality bioactive surimi and surimi seafood products from low value and underutilized Icelandic raw materials. On world bases, there is a need for high quality surimi and furthermore an increasing demand for bioactive and “health‐ promoting” products. In the project the process was optimized, product properties measured and confirmed by future byers. It is now possible to start production in Iceland on bioactive surimi that will lead to increased value, more jobs and various new products from the Icelandic fishing industry.

Report closed until 01.11.2016

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