Porkmeat products from an ecological farm




Guðmundur Heiðar Gunnarsson, Óli Þór Hilmarsson

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Agricultural Productivity Fund


Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Project Manager

Porkmeat products from an ecological farm

The project worked with a holistic approach to maximizing the profit from pig farming at Miðskersbúið through the processing of selected products for the consumer market. The project has resulted in Miðskersbúið processing and selling directly about 15% of its meat to the consumer market. The opportunities that existed in product development were thoroughly reviewed. This was done by defining potential products in detail. Subsequently, utilization and shrinkage in Miðskerssvín were analyzed by processing four animals. Based on the above, a calculation model was compiled where it is possible to estimate the margin of an entire animal based on different products and compare it with what the farmer would receive for the animal by selling it on foot to the slaughter license holder. With such a plan, it was found that a significant increase in margins can be achieved by further processing the thighs, loins and sides into Bayonne ham, hamburger loin and bacon. In parallel with product development, work was done on building an image and promotional material for the production. Miðskersbúið now sells its products directly, both through Beintfrá-býli and through the food cluster in Ríki Vatnajökull. The project has supported Miðskersbúið in its efforts to achieve efficiency in operations by fully processing gourmet products instead of concentrating on bulk production of raw meat.

In this project a holistic approach was taken to optimize the value of the meat produced by a local pig farmer. This was achieved by increased processing of the meat in such manner that it was ready for marketing at high end local gourmet market. Based on the project the farmer now processes and sells 15% of his produce directly to local customers. During the project candidate products were defined. Further the yield of meat was analyzed during deboning of the whole animal. Based on the observed yield it was possible to assemble a model to optimize the value of the meat with further production. With such studies we found out that the highest price was obtained with production of bacon, Bayonne ham, glazed ham (hamborgarhryggur), and pate. Parallel to the processing we designed new material for advertisement and media giving a clear image of the small scale production. Currently the farmer markets his high end products directly through two different clusters. One is a national co-op between farmers selling products directly and the other is a regional co-op for marketing the product of Vatnajokull Region (South-East of Iceland). The project has resulted in increased value addition for the farmer with further processing of his meat instead of turning into mass production approach to increase the margin of profit.

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