Procedures on board lumpfish vessels




Gunnar Þórðarson, Óskar Torfason

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Westfjords Growth Agreement


Gunnar Þórðarson

Regional Manager

Procedures on board lumpfish vessels

The main purpose of the project "Grasshopper, value from underutilized raw materials" is to create employment in the Westfjords following the decision of the Minister of Fisheries to oblige grayling fishermen to bring all catch, including gutted grayling, ashore from the year 2012. In connection with the project It was decided to conduct a survey of how the West Fjords grayling fleet was prepared to deal with new demands, and what the shipowners' attitudes were to changes in the working environment. Shipowners were interviewed in Stöndur, by Djúp and in the south of the Westfjords. The interviews were based on a questionnaire which, among other things, sought information about current equipment, what changes had followed new rules and their attitudes towards change. Special emphasis was placed on attitudes towards gutting at sea or on land and the shipowners' ideas about prices for the grayling after roe collection.

The main purpose of the project "Lumpfish, the value of underutilized species" is to create jobs in the Westfjords following the decision of the minister of fisheries that lumpfish fishermen must bring the whole catch, including head/skin and fillets of lumpfish ashore, on and after coming fishing season of 2012. In connection with the project it was decided to carry out a survey of capability of the lumpfish fleet of Westfjords to meet the new requirements, and to seek ship owner's attitude to inevitable changes due to new regulation. A list of questions was used for the survey to underline the current situation in the fishing fleet and fishing captains attitude to further steps to be taken in a changed environment. Special emphasis was on their attitude to gutting lumpfish on board the boats or at factories ashore, and their idea of price for the lumpfish after collecting the roes. 

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