Improved water usage in fish processing




Stefán Freyr Björnsson

Supported by:

AVS (S 12 004-12)

Improved water usage in fish processing

The aim of this preliminary project was to obtain basic information on water use in fish processing as well as organic substances lost in the effluent. With improved water use, it is possible to achieve operational efficiency and increase the value of production by utilizing by-products from the effluent from processing water. Water consumption in Iceland is much higher than in neighboring countries. Regulations are also being tightened with increasing restrictions on waste disposal and waste of water. The status of knowledge was examined with respect to the aforementioned factors to analyze the benefits of clean production technology in fish processing.

The project objective was to summarize state of the art knowledge concerning water usage and utilization of by-products from effluents in fish processing. Operation can be improved with better use of resources entailing increased value for raw material processed. Water usage in fish processing in Iceland is more than in neighboring countries, while environmental regulations are becoming stricter. Methods for cleaner fish processing were researched in terms of recommending improvements for fish processing factories.

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