Guide to the use of organic materials for fertilization in agriculture and land reclamation

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The Ministry of Food is currently working on a road map for the use of organic materials for fertilizer in agriculture and land reclamation. The roadmap takes into account the government's climate policy and circular economy policy and is intended to show the way to how the set goal of sustainable use of organic materials for fertilizer will be achieved step by step in 2040 or earlier.

The project consists, among other things, in presenting a straightforward and credible plan that includes, among other things: assessment of the current situation, analysis of opportunities and their prioritization, as well as the presentation of scenarios. The Ministry of Food is responsible for the preparation of the roadmap, but has hired the Efla engineering firm to help with the work, in addition to the fact that the Ministry's institutions and stakeholders sit on the steering committee, i.e. Matís, RML, Landgroðslan and MAST.

Fourth of October a working meeting was held in the project where 35 business partners from various industries had the opportunity to get to know the preparation of the road map and bring input to the work. The meeting was held in Matís' house, and good discussions took place there, which will undoubtedly be useful in the preparation of the road map, which is expected to be published before the end of the year.