What needs to be done to promote a sustainable food system?

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There is widespread support for the transformation of the food system and Nordic co-operation to meet the challenges.

Recently, the results of a project entitled: Towards a sustainable Nordic food system were published, which examined what steps need to be taken to develop a sustainable food system. The project was carried out through discussions with a broad group of stakeholders from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The participation of Icelandic stakeholders in the project was particularly good and Matís was involved in organizing the project's workshop in Iceland. The project was led by the Stockholm Resilience Center.

Main results:

  • Almost 90% participants agreed that the Nordic food system needs to change in order to achieve the set goals for sustainability
  • Half of the participants found the path to sustainability unclear and at the same time controversial
  • 88% participants believe that the Nordic countries work best together to tackle common challenges in the food system

But where do we start?

Eight ways of action and Nordic co-operation were proposed. They, together with other main results of the project, are published in short sections which are accessible here: Nordic countries are well suited to collaborate on food systems transformation