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In the April issue of the European magazine Eurofish Magazine, an interview was published with Jónas Rúnar Viðarsson, director of value creation at Matís.

In the article, Jónas shares with his readers a vision of the future of the fishing industry in Iceland and what Matís' role is in ensuring the quality of the catch.

New knowledge, technology and innovation have paved the way for improved quality of seafood and this development is constantly ongoing. Energy efficiency and sustainability are key in today's high-tech marine industry, both to meet customer needs and to reduce costs.

Matís has worked closely with the fishing industry for decades on the development of new solutions and work processes. Matís has also played an important role in educating future employees in the industry, both through teaching at universities and working with students. The link between industry, science, education and government is the key to successful cooperation. 

The full article is available in Eurofish Magazine, pages 63-64, at the following address:  Current issue - Eurofish Magazine.