Food, energy, water: the road to sustainability

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Think big, think green, is the title of a webinar (online meeting) that Vapors stands for, together with Nýsköpun í Norðri, SSNE, SSNV and Hacking Hekla. The web office will be held next Thursday from 14:00 to 16:00. The meeting is open to everyone, and will be streamed on Eims Facebook pages and special page of the event.

The aim of the meeting is to encourage people to think about how we can use the resources of the North in a sustainable way for the future. The theme is energy-food-water, the holy trinity in sustainability. These resources are inextricably linked to each other and thus can be useful to think about together. These are resources that we are rich in, and resources that we are struggling with. How can we be sustainable and exemplary on a global scale? We certainly have the materials and the opportunity to do so.

We are proud of the program, which we consider glorious, where ministers, artists, scientists and people from the energy and innovation sectors come together and discuss their topics. It will be especially exciting to hear the results of a new report that was made on the feasibility of a major offensive in horticulture in Iceland!

The program can be accessed here.