IFL is advertising for project managers in aquaculture in Akureyri and Ísafjörður

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IFL is advertising for two project managers to work in IFL's aquaculture department. One job is in Akureyri and the other in Ísafjörður. This is not the same job, as the emphasis is on the activities of IFL's aquaculture department in the aforementioned places.

IFL in Akureyri is working on projects related to feed and fish nutrition and the advertised job of project manager there will mainly involve overseeing the operation of projects, collaboration with companies, institutions, universities and individuals on projects.        

Further description of work in Akureyri

In Ísafjörður, IFL is building up strong activities in the field of aquaculture, especially cod farming, and there, among other things, work is being done on projects related to light control, physiology and the behavior of cod in aquaculture.          

Further description of work in Ísafjörður  

The application deadline for both positions is May 20, 2006. 

Rannveig Björnsdóttir, Head of the Aquaculture Department of the IFL Research Division, provides further information about the job:   895 2176