Report on the progress of the Nordic project on fishery safety

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In 2004, it was decided to set up an information and communication network on the safety of seafood in the Nordic countries, with the aim of increasing the coherence of Nordic data on the chemical content of seafood. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NSK and NEF) and IFL, which also leads the project. This week, a progress report on the project was published.

The report describes the results of the second workshop in the project, which was held in Copenhagen on 21 April 2006, and which has developed a joint Nordic website ( which collects various links containing information on the chemical content of marine products, both undesirable substances and nutrients. Iceland has been responsible for developing the website and maintaining it, but each country is responsible for its information and for updating it. Read the report

The main topics of discussion at the meeting in Copenhagen were:

  • How the website had been presented in each country and what the reaction had been.
  • How to refine the website, for example, make it simpler and clearer.
  • How best to promote your website to the outside world.
  • How to keep the website alive after the project ends.
  • Define where knowledge is lacking in research results.

Participants in the project are experts from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.