Cooperation with the Sea Cluster on the full utilization of fish in Canada

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Ever since the establishment of the Sea Cluster in 2011, Matís has had a good and successful collaboration with the cluster itself and the companies in it. It has been an adventure to participate in and observe how the cluster has flourished and produced new companies, products and valuables for the benefit of the country and the nation.

Among the projects that are being worked on at the moment is consulting with the authorities and companies around the Great Lakes in Canada in terms of the full utilization of the catch available there. The project is carried out in connection with the philosophy of 100%fish. Last week, a group associated with the project came to record promotional material at Matís' laboratories. For the group, dr. Alexandra Leeper, research & development director of Sjávarklasan, who is also a former employee of Matís. Here are some photos from the visit. Matís' staff is particularly proud to participate in the collaboration with Sjávarklasann.