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Kristján Þór Júlíusson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, has appointed Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir, Division Manager at Matís, as Chairman of the Risk Assessment Committee.

The role of the committee is to provide and supervise the implementation of scientific risk assessments for food, feed, fertilizers and seeds.

The composition of the committee is part of the government's action plan, which aims to strengthen food security, ensure the protection of livestock and improve the competitive position of domestic food production. The order is in accordance with the Food Act and the Act on the Control of Feed, Fertilizers and Seeds.

The Risk Assessment Committee consists of:

  • Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir chairman, nominated by Matís
  • Jóhannes Sveinbjörnsson, nominated by the Agricultural University of Iceland
  • Charlotta Oddsdóttir, nominated by the University of Iceland Experimental Station at Keldur
  • Þórhallur Ingi Halldórsson, nominated by the University of Iceland, Faculty of Nutrition
  • Kamilla S. Jósefsdóttir, nominated by the Directorate of Health, Chief Epidemiologist
  • Rafn Benediktsson, nominated by the University of Iceland, School of Health Sciences.

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