Employees of Lýsir hf in sensory evaluation at Matís

A few days ago, a small group of employees from Lýsir hf. on a course in sensory assessment at Matís. The aim of the course was to train the employees in methods for assessing the quality of fish oil.

The course covered sensory assessment, basic flavors and sensory assessment methods, and the staff also received practical training in the use of methods for assessing the smell and taste of fish oil.
Sensory evaluation is a systematic evaluation of the smell, taste, appearance and texture of food.

Sensory Evaluation is a necessary part of quality control. In sensory evaluation, the human senses, i.e. visual, olfactory, taste, hearing and touch senses used to assess food quality. Sensory evaluation in the Icelandic food industry has for a long time been conducted in an organized manner, especially as part of quality control.

For many years, Matís has assisted companies in setting up sensory evaluation, provided advice in sensory evaluation and carried out shelf life research in cases where sensory evaluation is a very important factor.

Lýsir's staff in sensory evaluation at Matís

Those companies that are interested in using this Matís service are advised to contact Emilía Marteinsdóttir by phone: 422 5032 or by e-mail