Goat and sheep milking

Guidelines on good practice and internal control of goat and sheep milking by small producers.

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Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Project Manager

Professional guidelines

Guidelines on good practice and internal control of goat and sheep milking by small producers.

According to food legislation, the government should encourage food industry professions, such as industry associations, shops and restaurants associations and fish processing associations, to compile guidelines on good practice, internal control of GÁMES, which is "Risk factor analysis and important control positions. In English it is called HACCP which stands for "Hazard analysis and critical control points. The aim is for disciplines to define a standard that the industry wants companies to meet and to make it easier for companies to set up and implement internal controls based on GÁMES. Matvælastofnun should review such guidelines to verify that they meet the requirements. The implementation of official supervision is based on the guidelines of those companies that have built up their GÁMES system. However, a company that uses such guidelines must always be aware that there may be aspects of the company's operations that do not comply with the guidelines and must therefore always be adapted on a case-by-case basis.

Professional guidelines, as presented here, are guidelines on good practice, internal control and GÁMES for milking goat and sheep milk. Relations from Eldrimner in Sweden 2013 were used; Fäbodnäringen's industry guidelines and Risk assessment and critical control points in the production of summer pasture products and from Denmark; Industry code for self-monitoring in dairy herds, 4th edition 2017.

The professional guidelines specify how dangers can be prevented and what procedures are most suitable for milking and collecting milk for further processing. The guidelines are intended to help the farmer achieve the goals of healthy food.

The project was carried out by Matís, in collaboration with the Icelandic Goat Breeding Association, the National Association of Sheep Farmers, the association Beint frá býli and Matvælastofnun, which has approved these professional guidelines.

Goat and sheep milking - Professional guidelines